About Us

Hello, this is Thomas Berry.
Paint solver was founded by my unending efforts with the dream of solving each and every paint-related problem.
Out of all the inappropriate advices get the best implementable from us as we connect you to a group of high experts.

My fascination with painting from my very childhood has driven me to this field. As a college student, I faced hilarious experiences regarding painting. But that is the reason that I am standing here today. Well if you ask why to listen to me I would tell you 20 years of experience is not something to be mocked.

Thomas Berry

As an early college student, I always dreamt of doing something in the field of painting. That’s when some of my friends decided to work as painters and take small painting projects by hand. Little did we know we would be getting so many orders gradually that would develop our skill.

Slowly we learned about different types of colors, preparation, and their application.

We also had bad experiences as well. Such experiences only made us skilled though.


As you have come from the above you may already know how much fascination I have had towards painting since my younger days. If you keep an eye on me you will see me touching brush every now and then. I know most people disdain painting but for me? It’s my peace of mind. You will often find me fixing a wall or furniture all by myself and ensure full-proof paint.

The paint solver Network Knows Best

Paint solver is a wide area of network for you to connect with experts. I, as a founder, do a ton of research, read a ton of books, and have a lot of experience regarding paint jobs. Paint solver aims to provide you with unbiased answers you have been seeking for. To serve you with the best advice, I have connections and conversations with the best manufacturers, retailers, and obviously a ton of painters.

So feel free for any kind of query the team will call out to you. Paint Slover is always there to make your paint job picture perfect.